Let us go unto Perfection

Service Times

Sunday - doors open 9.00 AM for song service 10.00 AM
Wednesday - doors open 7:00 PM for song service 8:00 PM

Tribute to Sis Elaine E. Coleman (February 2, 1929 ~ January 7, 2018)

Please feel free to contribute any words of sympathy, comfort and appreciation or any pictures that you might have relating to the life of Sis Coleman. Click on the banner below to access the tribute page.
Sis Elaine E. Coleman February 2, 1929 ~ January 7, 2018

Jerusalem 2018 Convention  Updated


All reservations for the Jerusalem convention have to be confirmed with a $50 deposit no later than January 31st 2018.

The agency in Israel will have to cancel the reservations for which no deposit was received.

It will still be possible to reserve after January 31st but the prices might go up.

You can get more details and make a reservation on www.IsraelConvention.org

Because of limited space we encourage all those who are interested to reserve NOW.
Sunday School Christmas Presentation Updated December 17th
Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated January 23rd
"The Forth Seal", Bro Branham, 21st Mar 1963
"The Inkhorn Rider”, Bro Coleman, 15th May 1983
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