Let us go unto Perfection

Service Times

Please note service time changes below

Wednesday - doors open 7:00 PM for song service 8:00 PM
Sunday - doors open 9:00 AM for song service at 10:00 AM
Puerto Rico Aid  Updated

 Update: Thank you for your great generosity – we were able to send £5000 to assist our brethren. More donations are coming in, so we plan to send another donation in about a month’s time. If you would like to contribute, please click HERE - which will take you to a “donate” button, where love offerings can be made. Please mark them “Puerto Rico.” God richly bless you.

God bless you, and may He keep you that way: humble in your spirit, soft in your soul, forgiving others, as Christ, for God's sake, forgive you. Be kind, generous, welcome.

Jerusalem 2018 Convention  Updated

We have now received enough reservations to confirm the Jerusalem convention in May 2018.
You can get all details and make a reservation on www.IsraelConvention.org

Because of limited space we encourage all those who are interested to reserve as soon as possible.

This invitation is sent to the worldwide Bride of Jesus Christ.

Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated November 13th
"Perfect Faith", Bro Branham 25th Aug 1963
"A Perfect Faith For A Perfect Rapture”, Bro Coleman 4th July 1986
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