Four Living Creatures in the Book of Revelation - Hand drawn by Sis Veronica Lees (c)
Service Times

Wednesday 26th July, Sunday 30th July & Wednesday 2nd August - SERVICES CANCELLED 
Sunday 6th August AM - doors open 9:00 AM for song service at 10:00 A.M
Sunday 6th August PM Communion Service - doors open 2.15 PM for song service at 3.00 P.M.
Funds for our brethren in Eastern Europe

Thank you for the wonderful response to help our beloved brethren from Eastern Europe (Ukraine & Romania) to come to the Belgium Convention. Your expressions of love have been tremendous. We will bring the Love Offering to Belgium for the believers, so there is still time for any last minute donations, if you would like to. We will be able to give €3,000 to the believers from Ukraine, and nearly €3,000 to the believers from Romania. The fruits will be born in Eternity. May God reward you a hundred-fold! 

Please CLICK HERE if you wish to make a donation by Paypal. God bless you for your kindness!

Jerusalem 2018 Convention Project - Survey
  We are presently negotiating with a few hotels to find the best deal for a possible convention in Jerusalem in 2018.

In order to help us to chose the right venue, we would greatly appreciate if you could please fill a short survey to help us get an idea of how many people would like to attend the convention and also the optional tour of Israel that could follow.

You can fill survey on

This survey is not just for members of Godstone Tabernacle, but for the worldwide Bride of Jesus Christ

Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated June 26
Excerpt from "The Lamb's Book Of Life", Bro Branham 3 June 1956
Excerpt from “The Manifestation Of The Greater Works Of Jesus Christ On The Bride's 3rd Phase”, Bro Coleman 10 Oct 2001
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