Joseph from prison to power

Service Times

Wednesday 7 Nov doors open 7.00 P.M. for song service 8.00 P.M.

Sunday 11 Nov doors open 09:00 A.M. for song service 10.00 A.M.

Jerusalem 2018 Archives
2018-05-16 PM The Flight Of The Amber Dove Is The Closing Of The Gentile Door - Bro Kevin Blewett
2018-05-16 AM Sirs This Is The Sign Of The End - Bro Joel Clarke
2018-05-15 PM Ye Shall Receive Power To Begin The End Of The Gentile Dispensation - Bro Joel Nanton
2018-05-15 AM The Redeemer Has Come To Zion To Finish The Plan of Redemption - Bro Tim Smith
2018-05-14 PM The Hour Of Our Full Redemption Has Arrived - Bro Ben Achut
2018-05-14 AM The Anointed Man Now The Anointed People - Bro P. Mayeur
2018-05-13 PM Led In The Inner Man By The Amber Dove To Possess Our Inheritance - Bro Ronald Nanton
2018-05-13 AM The Supernatural Resurrection In A Super Race Of People - Bro David Musgrove
Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated 3rd November
"Oneness", Bro Branham, IN, 11th Feb 1962
"This Is That Which Was Spoken By The Prophet Malachi 4", Bro Coleman, Forest Hills, NY 22nd Feb 1981