Service Times

Wednesday doors open 7:00pm for song service at 8:00pm

Sunday  doors open 9:00am for song service at 10:00am

Sunday  doors open 2:00pm for song service at 3:00pm


What's New in the Library

2001-09-16 The New York City Ministry Explained MP4

1992-06-07 Earnestly Contending For The Faith Restored Back By Malachi 4 MP3 MP4

1984-03-04 The Voice Of The Archangel MP4

1991-07-07 But When The Fruit Is Brought Forth The Harvest Is Come  MP3 MP4

1991-10-20 We Receive A Kingdom Which Cannot Be Moved MP3 MP4

1993-07-03 Anointed Messiahette Reapers For The Final Harvest MP3 MP4

1991-07-06 Make Your Calling And Election Sure MP3 MP4

1988-07-01 The Confirmation Of The Royal Seed Covenant MP4

1982-11-28 The Spirit Of Elijah Doth Rest Upon Elisha MP3 MP4

1993-04-18 Anointed Messiahette Reapers For The Final Harvest MP4

1982-02-28 Arise, Shine, For Thy Light Is Come MP4

1991-09-22 Proving The Vindication Bride Word Promises For This Hour MP3 MP4

1992-11-08 Charity-Anointed Seven Virtues Releases Virtue Power For Service  MP3 MP4

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Recommended Bro Coleman Messages
1986-05-17 The Ministry Of Jesus Christ Identified
1992-11-08 Charity-Anointed Seven Virtues Releases Virtue Power For Service
2001-05-13 Born Again By The Spoken Word & The Spirit As Spoken By Malachi 4:5-6
2001-05-27 The Manifestation Of The Faith On The 3rd Phase For Another Ephesians
Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated Feb 14
Excerpt from "The Ever-present Water from the Rock", Bro Branham 23 July 1961
Excerpt from “Time Is Short”, Bro Coleman 11 Aug 1982