Let us go unto Perfection

Dear Local and Worldwide Saints, Shalom!
Our Pastor Bro Blewett is away travelling, preparing and preaching from Thursday 15th February until Sunday March 4th.
It will be highly appreciated if we can hold contacting our Pastor through phone calls, text, WhatsApp and emails.
 If it is an emergency Bro Blewett can be contacted through the Deacons (Deacons@Godstonetabernacle.com
This will really help our Pastor to concentrate with the preparations for the meetings ahead.
Any emails, calls, whatsapp and text can resume from Monday 5th March.
God bless you from The Deacons

Service Times

Sunday 18th February 2018 AM - doors open 9.00 AM for song service 10.00 AM
Sunday 18th February 2018 PM - doors open 2.15 PM for song service 3.00 PM
Wednesday 21st February 2018 - doors open 7.00 PM for song service 8.00 PM

Jerusalem 2018 Convention  Updated


All the reservations for the Jerusalem convention that were received since the month of August and for which no deposit was sent have been cancelled on Feb 1st 2018.

Our meeting hall can accomodate up to 300 people so we can still accept new reservations.

You can get more details and make a reservation and deposit on www.IsraelConvention.org

Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated February 18th
"On The Wings Of A Snow-White Dove", Bro Branham, 28th Nov 1965
"The New Birth, Christ In You The Hope Of Glory (Part 1)”, Bro Coleman, 13th Aug 1989