Service Times

Wednesday : doors open 7:00pm for song service at 8:00pm

Sunday AM: doors open 9:00am for song service at 10:00am

What's New in the Library

1985-05-28 Mount Severance Testimony (MP4)

1976-03-28 Be Strong And Of A Good Courage (MP3)

1988-06-19 The Identification Of The Capstone Ministry (MP3) (MP4)

1988-06-05 The Confirmation Of The Royal Seed Covenant (MP3) (MP4)

1988-05-22 The Manifestation Of The Latter Rain As Dynamics (MP3) (MP4)

1975-10-15 Comments (before & after "The 7th Seal Mystery" 1975-10-05) (MP3)

1988-10-30 The 7th Seal of Redemption, our Kinsmen Redeemer (MP3) (MP4)

2001-07-06 The Dynamic Releases The Faith Restored By Malachi 4: 5-6 (MP3) (MP4)

1984-03-04 The Voice Of The Archangel (MP3)

1972-07-02 The Reapers (MP3)

1985-10-27 Sealed, Tested Then Adopted (MP3) (MP4)

1983-10-30 The Spirit Of Adoption (MP3) (MP4)

1983-10-28 The Mystery Of The 7th Seal (MP3) (MP4)

1989-02-19 The Holy Ghost Itself Is Come, Ye Shall Ask What Ye Will (MP3)

1987-08-06 At The Appointed Time (MP3)

1989-03-25 Put On The Whole Armour Of God (MP3)

1992-10-11 Returning In The Power Of The Spirit (MP3)

1993-05-09 The Trumpet of the Jubilee of the 7th Seal (MP4)

Recommended Bro Branham Messages
1962-02-11 Oneness
1962-03-18 The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed
1963-08-25 New Perfect Faith
1965-04-18 It Is The Rising Of The Sun
Recommended Bro Coleman Messages
1986-05-17 The Ministry Of Jesus Christ Identified
1992-11-08 New Charity-Anointed Seven Virtues Releases Virtue Power For Service
2001-05-13 New Born Again By The Spoken Word & The Spirit As Spoken By Malachi 4:5-6
2001-05-27 New The Manifestation Of The Faith On The 3rd Phase For Another Ephesians
Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated Oct 29
Excerpt from "It Is The Rising Of The Sun", Bro Branham 18 April 1965
Excerpt from “Attribute Sons Of His Spirit”, Bro Coleman 11 Oct 1981