Closing Door, Amber Dove


Service Times
Wednesday doors open 7.00 PM for song service 8.00 PM

Sunday doors open 9.00 AM for song service 10.00 AM 

Jerusalem 2018 Archives
2018-05-16 PM The Flight Of The Amber Dove Is The Closing Of The Gentile Door - Bro Kevin Blewett
2018-05-16 AM Sirs This Is The Sign Of The End - Bro Joel Clarke
2018-05-15 PM Ye Shall Receive Power To Begin The End Of The Gentile Dispensation - Bro Joel Nanton
2018-05-15 AM The Redeemer Has Come To Zion To Finish The Plan of Redemption - Bro Tim Smith
2018-05-14 PM The Hour Of Our Full Redemption Has Arrived - Bro Ben Achut
2018-05-14 AM The Anointed Man Now The Anointed People - Bro P. Mayeur
2018-05-13 PM Led In The Inner Man By The Amber Dove To Possess Our Inheritance - Bro Ronald Nanton
2018-05-13 AM The Supernatural Resurrection In A Super Race Of People - Bro David Musgrove
Featured Quotes of Brother Branham and Brother Coleman Updated June 16th
"An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages - The Smyrnaean Church Age
"The 7 Thunders Of Rev 10 Unlocks The Heavens When You Speak It By Revelation", Bro Coleman, 20th 05 2001 - Forest Hills, NY